Hee Seung Chung


Within my MA project entitled ‘Persona’ I have produced a series of portraits of actors playing their characters. My interest was focused on the relationship with the staged and authentic emotion, as displayed by actors. By photographing actors’ facial expressions at the moment of absorption into a character’s emotional state, I have examined the psychological process with which actors’ persona becomes their own temporary reality. I have attempted to encapsulate this vulnerable moment in which the actor’s genuine sadness and staged grief are intermingled with each other and the boundary between the actor’s mask and their face; and the acted emotion and the actor’s own feelings becomes obscured.

After finishing MA Photography in LCC, I came back to South Korea and presented Persona series at the Gallery WA in Seoul in May 2008. I am planning to continue to explore this issue of the relationship with the psychological mask and the photography through the portraiture. Sproxton Memorial Award supported me emotionally as well as financially to invest for undertaking my next project entitled ‘Confession’ which I am currently working on with Korean actors in Seoul.

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